Pain Management
Ivy Specialty Compounding will work with your healthcare provider to create a personalized custom treatment option to address acute or chronic pain affecting your daily life.

For Providers

Acute or chronic pain can be debilitating for patients.
Pain symptoms and tolerance vary for individual patients and commercially available medications may not provide the most appropriate dosage or formulation for a patient. Ivy Specialty Compounding will work with each healthcare provider to customize the dose, formulation, and route of administration that is best to treat your patient’s chronic or acute pain needs.

For Patients

Ivy Specialty Compounding is dedicated to helping patients address their acute and chronic pain needs with individualized treatment options prescribed by their healthcare provider.
Our pharmacists will work with you and your physician to select the most appropriate route of administration, dosage form, and concentration of medication that is most appropriate for your particular needs. We aim to minimize side effects and hassle while providing affordable medications that help relieve your pain.

convenience and potential cost savings

Some chronic pain sufferers are placed on a variety of medications to help address the symptoms associated with their condition.

By working with a compounding pharmacy, multiple medications can be combined into a single dose, providing greater convenience and potential cost savings for the patient.

customized pharmacy solutions

Ivy Specialty Compounding can provide customized pharmacy solutions for many types of pain relief and management

chronic pain

Inflammatory pain

Neuropathic pain


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