Ivy Specialty Compounding Pharmacy is the vision of three partners passionate about improving healthcare delivery and accessibility. Founded by one physician and two pharmacists, Ivy focuses on prioritizing patient experience, customer service, and healthcare provider convenience.

We specialize in non-sterile compounding which is the art of preparing personalized medications for patients.

Compounded medications are unique in their formulations of strengths, dosages, applications, and combinations. Each medication is prepared to meet the exact needs of an individual patient. Our certified compounding pharmacists assist in fulfilling healthcare related needs that commercially available products do not address. Ivy is dedicated to excellence in pharmaceutical care and customer service.

The Ivy team is dedicated to consistently providing access to quality prescription medications. In addition to compounding, we also carry all commercially available prescriptions at cash prices. We offer free delivery within Lubbock city limits so our patients can wait from home for the medications they need. We aim to eliminate the hassle of health insurance for our patients. 

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