Non-sterile Compounding
Compounding is a classic art of preparing personalized medications for patients. When a healthcare provider determines that a patient’s medical condition requires an individualized treatment that is not commercially available, a prescription for a specific medication is sent to a compounding pharmacy to be filled. Compounded medications are unique in their formulations of strengths, dosages, applications, and combinations. Each medication is prepared to meet the exact needs of an individual patient.

Combining Medications

Combining two or more medications into one formulation for easy administration

Creating Oral Solution

Creating an oral solution from tablets

Adding flavoring

Adding flavoring to a medication to ease ingestion

Topical applicationS

Creating a transdermal gel for topical application

Combining the latest medical knowledge with state-of-the-art technology, Ivy Specialty Compounding creates medications unique to each individual patient. Our certified pharmacists and technicians assist in fulfilling healthcare-related needs that commercially available products do not address. Ivy Specialty Compounding is dedicated to excellence in pharmaceutical care and customer service.

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